Temprature Measurement System UNV CW-180 – 10/04/2020

Signal Electronics Security offers complete solutions in detecting and treating the spread of diseases with contactless heat measurement systems, recording and detecting the use of a protective mask. Their main uses are mainly in places with high traffic and crowds of people, such as companies, schools, hospitals, meeting places, etc.

In more detail, UNV presents the CW-180 which is a high performance access control system. The device includes detection for protection mask, contactless thermometer according to the latest instructions for safety and risk prevention as well as recording those measured by the CW-180. It is also possible to export a list and photos of people who were thermometed by the sensor.

The mechanism of the CW-180 consists of:

  • Surveillance camera subsystem
  • Projection screen subsystem
  • Contactless temperature sensor
  • Recording Unit (NVR)
  • Floor stand

The main functions of the CW-180 are:

  • Automated remote measurements, observing the prescribed safety distances by the supervisory staff
  • Easy and immediate installation, operation, and easy transport where required
  • Measurements with high accuracy with measurement error
  • Ability to export list and photos to PC via USB-stick by CW-180 thermometers
  • Integrated system in a KIT
  • Wide range of applications and app for mobile phone
  • Effective product with low cost