Complete security solutions

Signal leads the electronics security market, providing solutions for more than 30 years. We undertake every project, in a “COMPLETE” perspective including the design, installation, maintenance and upgrade, offering products and solutions to both installers and retail customers.


Company’s deep knowledge of the market, technology awareness and long term cooperation with edge leading manufactures is a strong benefit for our customers, offering best value for money solutions


Out technology solutions include all electronics security needs, in residences, industrial installations, malls, banks, hotels, schools, universities, military controlled areas, vehicles, ships in any distance coverage, and in either on stop or in motion. We provide total security solutions covering every perimeter access.


At the same time we provide remote applications for 24/7 surveillance of any area of interest, for fast response and counter measure trigger.

Best Value for money solutions

Every security challenge is a special case. It is not exaggeration to say that the needs between cases are never identical.

Our company provides various solutions, with different equipment specifications, lifespan, workload, expansion or upgrade needs, risk assessment, and other import factors that affect value for money.

A good system does not guarantee the meet of your requirements, or it may meet current needs, but not the future ones as they grow through time.

Signal Electronics solution takes under consideration all these important aspects, saving up to 50% over competitor’s solutions, providing best value for money solutions.

We provide the following services


We Design

Our vast experience in the electronics security industry combined with our specialized engineers,  understand the needs and requirement of any installation, providing complete edge technology and cost efficient solutions

We Install

Signal Electronics Security experienced installers and authorized associates, can cover any installation needs, regardless project magnitude and geographical area. We provide professional end result, confidentiality and stick on tight schedules of project completion

We support

We understand that the supply of the right equipment is not the only key to a successful cooperation, we focus significantly on our after sales policy.

Our professional 24/7/365 technical support team, solves any potential problem that may disrupt security continuity.


We Supply

Signal Electronics Security works very close with top manufacturers around the world, providing to its customers technology edge solutions, covering all potential needs for security requirements.

Projects & Integrations



Signal Electronic Security focus on special needs that gaming industry requires. Specializing on Casino solutions, our company designs and implements complex and versatile digital management and recording systems, in Greece and overseas. Our portfolio includes Regency Casino Thessaloniki, Regency Casino Mont Parnes, Aegean Casino, Regency Casino Tirana, Casino Bucharest etc.

Signal Electronics Security is licensed approved and certified by the greek government, to supply and install digital management and recording systems to casinos

Signal Electronics Security offers the following exclusive services to gaming customers:

  • Complete tailored made solutions
  • Professional video, audio management and recording
  • Complete and custom made Control room built
  • Professional 24/7 technical support
  • Equipment stock for high availability
  • Technical bibliography
  • Professional Solutions designed from scratch
  • Feasibility studies

Signal Electronics Security is licensed from the Greek Ministry of Development, for supplying and installing Digital Management and Recordings Systems, to Casinos



Border Surveillance is critical for National security. However, the detections of possible intruders, illegal immigrants and smugglers under conditions of complete darkness, long distances, harsh weather conditions posses a great challenge.

Signal Electronics Security provides combined and proven solutions, by  utilizing  technology edge equipment, in order to assist border guards and Armed Forces, to respond fast and effective.



Signal Electronics Security, through its extensive experience, provides complete and versatile solutions on complex building installations covering all  electronics security requirements


We provide professional system design and implementation, excellent after sales service and technical support forming a long-term relationship of trust and reliability with our customers

Project Portfolio

Are you considering to upgrade your security system and your technology solution on your premises? Have you decided for your system that satisfy your needs?

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