Every security challenge is a special case. It is not exaggeration to say that the needs between cases are not identical.

We provide a variety of solutions that is distinguished by equipment specifications, lifetime span, working conditions, expansion needs, upgrade potentials, security threat levels, and other important factors that affect the price / efficiency and return on investment.

Signal Electronics Security products and solutions offer significant cost savings on your projects, rendering the proposal as excellent value for money on every single phase.

Our experience combined with strong cooperation with edge leading manufacturers, comprises your security.


Thermal imaging cameras for surveillance

Handheld Thermal imaging cameras for surveillance

Complete CCTV solution

Modular Digital Recording & Management Systems, especially designed for Casinos

Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems

Turnstile Solutions

Professional adhesive solutions

Alarm Systems

Alarm system batteries and cables

Magnetic Contacts

Alarm systems – automations

PIR, sirens, dialers

Perimeter intrusion detection systems, alarm management device

Video & data signal transmission over fiber optics

Ethernet &PoE solutions for long distances

Robust Pan, Tilt, Zoom solutions, Housings

Are you considering to upgrade your security system and your technology solution on your premises? Have you decided for your system that satisfy your needs?

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