FLIR F Series Network thermal cameras – 10/12/2018

With the FLIR quality guarantee, the F series camera is recommended for enhanced security and surveillance installations, effectively detecting any potential threat.

As part of the new proposals of the leading company in the field of thermal cameras FLIR, which in our country is represented by SIGNAL, was presented the new series of network cameras F Series. For many years, FLIR has given its credentials to the presentation of reliable high-tech thermal cameras and with the availability of this series, it continues this dynamic course.

F-Series models allow surveillance system operators to detect any threat to an installation, regardless of the prevailing conditions (dark or bad and extreme weather conditions) and can easily meet the security needs of a variety of installations, from homes to production stations. energy, ports and airports.

The F series models are available in 160×120, 320×240 and 640×480 pixels high resolution, allowing images to be viewed in much more detail. The software that is built into the camera and which makes the necessary adjustments without the need for user intervention also contributes to the improvement of the image.

The F series offers high contrast images so that the user can make the most of the possibilities of video analytics technology. Through the Digital Detail Enhancement function there is the possibility for even further improvement of the image under all weather conditions. F-series cameras have the ability to integrate into an existing TCP / IP network and be controlled by a computer from anywhere, while in addition they can be controlled remotely by special units, through the serial ports RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485.

Ease of use is a key feature of the series. The models in the series have a special type of lens, the athermal lens, which has the ability to maintain focus regardless of the ambient temperature and without user intervention. They are also all designed to operate in extreme environments. Their durable and waterproof housing contributes to this, which protects the device from the effect of dust or water. No maintenance required, as the absence of a motor to move the focusing mechanism helps to avoid various mechanical failures. This contributes to the reduced operating costs of the devices and their faster depreciation. In case of upgrading the device or replacing some of it, the whole process is very simple, as most parts are in the form of a detachable cassette.