Signal Electronics Security is one of the biggest and oldest companies in Greece, possessing a leading position in the market. The full brand name is Charmpilas Vasilios S.A, Signal Electronics Security and the company is located in Kallithea, Athens. Company originally established in 1994, and carries a 30 years experience in the greek market though a large number of projects that are characterized for its uniqueness and the final delivered quality. Companies objectives focus on the distribution of electronics security equipment, and design installation of complex and versatile systems including CCTV recording equipment, access control systems, perimeter systems etc. Signal Electronics Security being one of the leading companies in the market, delivers high quality products and services to its customers. After many years of successful course, company’s objective focuses on the complete satisfaction, quality and quantity focused, based on the continuous demand of the market and also the improvement of its position in the market. Company’s high level know how was acquired through a wide range of projects and also throughout the cooperation with largest manufacturers all over the world.
Signal Electronics Security focuses on the following principles:
  • The supply of technological edge solutions through high quality products and services
  • The continuous growth and adaptation on the dynamic economic environment
  • The cooperation with dynamically growing companies of similar fields (construction companies, Information technology companies etc.) for the development of complex and versatile projects
Signal Electronics Security strategies are:
  • The assignment and construction of large scale projects, that are related to electronics security needs and infrastructure coverage / protection.
  • The assignment of medium, small scale projects all over Greece via the network of professional associates.
  • The reinforcement of the already important company presence on the market, via the existing wide customer basis
  • Project operation and maintenance
  • The supply of know how and complete support to smaller companies in the industry, for the construction and completion of various security projects, in the effort of turnkey solution deliverance
Important factors that affect our goal achievements:
  • Leading position in the electronics security market
  • The possession of know how and experience that has been developed throughout projects constructions, that require high quality, strict time schedules and complex – versatile solutions
  • The possession of company’s professional equipment
  • The company’s excellent financial position and capital structure
  • The highly experienced and devoted personnel
  • The core customers number which is continuously growing
  • Company’s reputation and reliability in the greek market